SINCE 2019

The idea of Club Soccer at UNM started as an idea in the Fall of 2018. After hearing the news that the UNM Men’s Soccer Program was going to have one more year at UNM before getting the axe, Alex Hernandez wanted to make sure that when the time came, this would not be the end of soccer at UNM. Alex wanted to make sure that there had to be a form of soccer identity at the University of New Mexico, a school known to have a strong soccer program. As the Fall progressed, Alex began doing research to see how a club version of UNM soccer would work. After finding neighboring schools to play against and a governing body for club soccer, Alex began the process of recruiting to make a team. He connected with club advisors who were important in the process to creating the club team and providing support along the way.

When the Spring of 2019 came, UNM Club Soccer was officially chartered and began to practice. Three games were played in the first semester of UNM Club Soccer. The games were against: Nepal Student Association (2-1, win), NM Tech (3-1, win), and St Johns College (11-1, win). Now in the Fall of 2019, UNM Club Soccer hopes to establish itself as a strong presence in Region 6 against Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas schools.

Club President: 

Alex Hernandez

Spring 2019 Season

Alumni – Spring 2019

  • Malik Rifi Saidi
  • Brian Farfan
  • Exchange Student – Kosuke (Japan)
  • Exchange Student – Diego (Mexico)
  • Exchange Student – Park (South Korea)

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